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Hosting a morning gathering and need to provide breakfast? We’ve got you covered! Lahuna offers an assortment of fresh and tasty breakfast bowls. Our bowls include a hearty overnight oatmeal base, and are topped with fresh fruits and berries, seeds, and nuts. These bowls are perfect for early team meetings, conferences, and events. 




There’s something for everyone at Lahuna! For catering orders, you can pre-select any combination of our signature bowls, or invite your guests to build their own custom meals. Avoid the hassle of ordering separately for party members with dietary restrictions: if some of your bowls need to be lactose-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc., we’ve got you covered. Cater with Lahuna and skip the boring turkey sandwiches and oversized salad. Regardless of whether you’re ordering for 10 people or 510 people, we can cater to every individual choice and need.